Bread Making

Bread Making

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Bread Making

Does Bread making is a suitable career for the young people? The answer to this is yes. For this, you require proper training to make is a career option and get an opportunity to earn from home. For this, suitable classes are provided at CSDO in Delhi to provide different career option to the people who love preferring a different career over the traditional jobs. CSDO has professionals to train you and provide support to set up your own business.


Basic of bread making :

  1. Plain Bread
  2. Brown bread
  3. Milk Bread
  4. Sandwich Bread
  5. Whole Wheat Bread

Date: Sat, 16 September, 2017

Time: 2:00PM – 5:00PM

Organiser:  CSDO

Entry Fee: Rs 2000

Venue Details: CRAFT AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT BUILDING,  3484/1 2nd Floor, Narang Colony, Tri Nagar, Delhi 110035


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