CRECIENTE, 12th Annual Art Exhibition to give students a wide platform & exposure Curated by RENU KHERA

CRECIENTE, 12th Annual Art Exhibition to give students a wide platform & exposure Curated by RENU KHERA

About The Show:

  • As the title says CRECIENTE which is a Spanish word and it means growing or rising, this show is a platform for 70 future artist who wants to rise and create a name in the field of art.
  • We are organizing a group show of 70 upcoming art students, showcasing various works in different mediums like Charcoal on paper, Acrylic on canvas, Oil on canvas, Water Colour work and Mix Medium. Each student is showcasing three original, creative artworks in different mediums, says Renu Khera, Director NIFA. She further said we organize exhibitions for our students every year to give them exposure and platform in the field of art so that they could showcase their creativity. It gives them immense confidence and encourage them to do more good work.
  • We arrange this annual exhibition for all our diploma students. It’s a part of their syllabus. They get a chance to learn how to face the criticism or appreciation by art lovers. We connect the students to art and culture in the surrounding world so that they get new impulses for inspiration. We give them a chance to depict their imagination on paper through colours and textures.
  • We introduce them to various art galleries, eminent artists, art critics who help them to know more about their works and give them in-depth knowledge on various art-related topics. We involve them in exhibition process like how to book an art gallery, making list of guest, art lovers, catalog designing and many activities for a good exhibition. They also earn as paintings are for sale in this exhibition.

About NIFA

  • NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS (NIFA) is one of the most renowned names in fine arts education in Delhi & N.C.R. NIFA is a unit of Sanyam Educational & Social Welfare Society (N.C.T. Delhi) which was established by me (Renu Khera) in 2005.
  • The objective of the society is to give art education to all age group people who could not manage to go to degree colleges but they are extremely passionate about art and need right guidance.
  • With seven branches in Delhi & N.C.R., we have more than 900 students studying art under the guidance of highly qualified faculties. We also provide various other course like short term hobby courses, professional diploma courses, degree courses, entrance preparation courses for various national and international universities and customize courses for all age groups.Nifa is specialized in  highly professional and job oriented courses.


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