4 Stories from Life written and directed by Prakhar Gautam is a play that has 4 different stories.

The first story ‘Itna Bhi Nahi Tha’ revolve around a renowned divorce lawyer Ramesh who has to deal with an eccentric Nishant and a fed up Shama as his clients.

The second story ‘ Beautiful World of Lies’ is a story where a painting is stolen by a bunch of gangsters in Antigua has been lost. The gangster accuses each other of stealing the painting. Who has the painting? who is lying? why are they suspecting each other? Find out. All questions will be answered in this play.

The third story ‘Ramans good Raman’ is a story in which Raman has been caught for the murder of shazia. Witness this 10 min long play to see why good part of Raman accuses bad part of  Raman of committing the crime.

The last story ‘Wo Rang Jo Humare Hain’ tells the story of the characters who are blind folded.

Where- Alliance Francaise, Lodi Road

Date & Time- 22nd October, 2017 , 7:17 pm

Ticket price- Rs 200



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