Art in cubes


                                                                                         Art in cubes

By: Vaishnavi Chaudhary

Ever looked at a piece of art in symmetry and figures and wondered about the form of abstraction in the art and how it came about? Well, Cubism was the first form of abstract art as we know it and the progenitors of this form were none other than, Pablo Picasso and George Braques. As an art form Cubism challenged the idea of perspective in the art, and was in fact the movement leading ahead, to 20th century modern art. Like any other art movement it did not grow in isolation but inspired both similar movements in Literature and architecture, of a fine form of figures, as well as reactions and responses like Dada, Futurism,Supermatism, Art Deco and constructivism among others. In a very simple understanding, this movement is associated with the kind of art that was being produced in Paris in 1910s and 20s. Cubism then can be understood as a movement born out if 3d form and curated by the best of the creed.

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