Art Music is also known as Western Classical Music. Art Music, this term is referred to music which comes from the Tradition of Classical Music. Over the years, I have enjoyed the Art Music myself. The art music tells about the culture and history around the world.

Some of the Art music from history is Indian Classical Music and Afghan Classical Music.

Indian Classical Music

Indian Classical Music is the genre of the South Asian  Music. It is one of the most popular types of Music in History. The music is known as HINDUSTANI, the roots of Classical Music is found in the Indian Literature. The Hindi Music started in 13th Century from the courts of Sultans of DELHI. Many of us know, the famous TANSEN. Tansen was famous Musician back in time who learned music and enlightened with new innovations of the Music.

Afghan Classical Music

This is kind of Music is known as Klasik, which consists of both instrumental and vocal music. The Afghan music focuses more on ghazal and rhythm compared to the Hindu classical Music. This kind of music is very fast and it focuses on instrumental sections. This  Tabla is the essential element of the Afghan music, more instruments used are Zeherbhagli, DOHOL.


By Tejasya Aggarwal.

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