Art Photography



People with a camera in hands these days are considered as photographers. Each and every person has their own perspective towards photography. Many of those are not professional photographers but their passion makes them to move towards this. Now a days there is a trend all over the internet, about art photography. People are really showing their talent in this stream these days.

What is art photography according to the photographer (vision)?

Before capturing things as art pictures the photographer should have an idea about how it is going to look and how it is accepted by the people as an art. It depicts an emotion, an idea, a message, in other words it coveys’ the feeling of the photographer.

How to work to get the best art picture (Technique)?

The work you create should demonstrate your idea. At the end there must be a body of work which reveals your ideas, the subject which you’ve chosen and the techniques. Finally, a small explanation of what the work is about and how it is done is to be given by the artist.



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