Arts and its variations

Art and its variations

According to Indian mythology when the Golden Age was over or when the time of complete happiness ended and people becom unhappy, greedy, jealous and angry, the god Indra asked the god Brahma to create forms of entertainment that would make people happy and free from evil thoughts and deeds. So Brahma created a book on dance, music and theatre with the help of wise man named Bharata. The book was called Natya Shastra and thus the performing arts were created to be enjoyed by all.
* Learning about the performing arts through the following categories:-
# Dance
# Music
# Theatre
# Puppetry
“A performing art is an art which lives only when it is performed like, say, music or dance or theatre . You can write down a piece of music, you can tape it and give it a new, altogether different lease of light. But the music is really in the hearing……….A dance can be video-aped or filmed, but real magic is in
the dancing itself.”

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