Audition for Miss/Mr Dehradun audition

dehradin beauty audition

Audition for Mr and Miss Dehradun, 2017

The audition for Ms and Mr. Dehradun is the most awaited events and is going to be interesting this year also. Every year, many participate with the dream of becoming the most iconic face of the state. However, only a few are able to make it to the finals. I am sure that this year also, there are large number of young girls and boys who are die hard preparing for the event.

Venuev Details

The date is not very far away. It will be conducted on Sun, Oct 29 2017 at 11:00 am in Dehradun. The judge for the audition is Veronika Rajput who is the fame of “MTV Love School” & “Splitsvilla.” Now it is time to showcase the absolute talent and prove that you are the real beauty with brain. The photos for the events is not finalized yet but it will soon be posted.

If you are preparing for the event, I am sure that this news would have increased your heartbeat by now. So Try your best, and get ready for the biggest upcoming event of the year.

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