Festival uplifting


We are all excited to get that in between the week “festival holiday” to quit our work, school or college routines for a while. But is that really the only reason a festival is waited for? The answer is a resounding no. Festivals are not just about the surplus holiday.

Each festival brings something different to the table in regards to the way it affects our mood. This is the reason why each and every festival has a unique way of celebration and no two festivals are the same because they are not the same day.

The festive fervor of each uplifts our mood in no way comparable and the various ways to celebrate, from being extremely simple to something that even requires lots of preparations. The worst part is the gloomy feeling one gets after the festivities and the celebrations are over. Personally, I believe festivals are like the sweet part of a hard watermelon that is our life. One can enjoy it as long as we get through the despised seeds which are analogous to the hurdles. That is what the point of having a festival is all about , with different morals and causes of celebrations behind each one but the essence is the same.

Our nation, which has such a diversity in culture and religion follows enjoys a range of equally enthusiastically celebrated festivals, that too nationwide. From Christmas to Diwali to Eid and many others, all are celebrated equally and with the same energy level.

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