Festivals-The Excellence


Festivals at not just a festivals which means they are not just a thing that could only enrich us with joy.It has stronger connection with our emotions .But festivals are now badly connected with religions.HOW BAD!!Isn’t it??Festivals should be emerged as a platform that should connect people irrespective of caste,religion,country and so on.There are so many festivals being celebrated in this world depending on the culture of people.Thus reveals the dependency between culture and festival.In early days,people consider these festivals as a stress buster so that they could get rid out of their work for a while.But think!!Now a days our intend behind those celebrations are deviating in unpredictable way.It is only our- the educated people’s duty to set that right by standing against that.Hence let us hold our hand against those meaningless reasons for those deviations and excel the excellence of our emotivefestivals.


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