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At Gimmick Consultancy, they firmly believe that an event should always have a positive impact and thereby result in the desired business growth. This is exactly what a dynamic group of professionals believed in, and their seedling of a business idea has transformed into one of India’s fastest growing new-age companies. Gimmick Consultancy is committed to providing exceptional Events, Marketing and Comprehensive Business solutions to clients across various industries. Our turnkey solutions are directed towards the development of Infrastructure assets of national level importance. Headquartered in New Delhi, our dynamic team comprising of an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs and professionals, combine innovative brilliance and quality, with cost-effectiveness to create best fit 360-degree solutions for our client’ business. We are fervently moving towards an exciting new future by extending our portfolio to new high growth businesses and markets that we can serve.


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707, 7th Floor, Hemkunt Chamber, Nehru Place, Delhi – 110019 
Rohit Chhabra

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