Delhi, the oldest city in India.  It is believed that Delhi is inhabited since 4th Century. Today, Delhi is believed to be one of the most famous cities. Delhi has many Heritages and Monuments.

Heritage Sites in Delhi


  • Humayun’s Tomb

One of the most magnificent tombs built in 1526 in Delhi during Mughal Rule. It is also known as Maqbara e Humayun, it is the tomb of the Great Mughal emperor Humayun. It was one of the first Monument built by Mughal.


It is made of Red Stone and it was the first ever Tomb made by Garden Style in India. It was made by the architect, Mirza Ghiyath who was very famous during the Mughal Rule.

  • India Gate

It is situated in the heart of the city and it is one of the most famous Monuments in the city.  It is designed by Edwin Lutyens. India Gate is dedicated to all the brave soldiers of Indian army who died in the First World War.

There are green Gardens and it is great picnic spot for evenings and winter afternoons. Near to India Gate, there is a small Pond where you can enjoy Boating.


By Tejaysa Aggarwal


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