History, Culture and Literature


History, Culture and Literature

History, culture and literature are inter-connected in one way or other. Literature always talks about the culture and its practices in the society. History reveals how the culture impacts the life of people, as the Diwali is an Indian cultural festival and it shows Indian ways of celebrating it .

Before the advent of industrialization, people use earthen lamps to light up their houses and surroundings. We hardly find any concept of cracking fire-works in olden history. It starts with the rise of industrialization. But now the honourble Supreme Court of Indian has banned the use of fire work because of rising level of air pollution. People of some sects are complaining that it is against their culture and it hurts the sentiments of thousands of people, but it is difficult to understand how the worship for prosperity and peace is connected to cracking fire-works.

Lights up lives of people either by lighting up lamps and candles or by supporting the cause of welfare and love.

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