Modern Day Festivals


If we go by the definition of Wikipedia then festivals are ordinarily celebrated by a community and centering on some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion and traditions.
As we all know that India is a mystical land and it is famous worldwide for its rich culture and tradition. India is the one the best example of unity in Diversity as nine different recognized and many more religions are living peacefully in India. With many religions comes up many festivals celebrated by their respective communities.
The main reason behind celebrating any festival is that it brings the cohesive bonding between the members of the community. The conglomeration of people coming from different regions brings out communal harmony and peace.
But nowadays we are actually losing the main essence of celebrating festivals. Diwali,the festival of light is no more instead it has become the festival of crackers. On the occasion of Diwali crackers of worth millions of rupees are burnt. The quality of air is so degraded after Diwali that breathing in that polluted air is equal to smoking ten cigarettes.
Similar case is with HOLI. Holi is the festival of colors. In Holi people use to visit their friends and relatives. These small gestures of visiting others rejuvenate their relation and this makes their bond stronger. But now days in this fast moving world, in the culture of Apartment and flats, a person is unaware of their neighbors. Instead of visiting their peers they prefer to wish them through social media.
Even in EID, a lot of philanthropy used be performed earlier but now a days this is not happening.
There are few national festival such as Independence day, Republic day, Gandhi Jayanti etc. On the occasion of Independence Day we just use to remember the contribution of persons in making our country free from foreign rule. The irony is that the persons who didn’t think twice before giving their lives and we just remember one day and our work is done. How selfish we are? We don’t even give proper respect to army personnels if we meet them in public. We truly need to change our attitude.
In the above examples we can see that festival is our no value if its main essence is hampered. We should celebrate festival in more of its traditional and primitive way. Festival is mainly a way to build new connections and rejuvenate old relations.

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