Modern Day Gods (artist: Anirudh Sainath)


When we think of  Hindu gods in our mind comes the picture of lord ram holing a bow with Sita mata and Laxman standing beside him or Lord Krishna standing with a cow playing the flute. These pictures and sculptures of Gods have been in circulation since ages, maybe 500 or since last 1000 years. No artist has ever tried to portray gods in a modern way with a touch of anime in it. Anirudh Sainath is a Banglore based artist who makes deviant art forms of Hindu gods. His art has been displayed in art galleries in banglore. One can check out his art at his website (  He says Mahabharata has been his inspiration to draw these pictures of gods. The way he depicted lord Bramha and lord Hanuman in his art is mesmerizing to say the least. Check out his art  to witness the new modern day depiction of gods.

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