Mona Lisa has a twin???

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Shocking isn’t it? But it’s true, the famous work of Leonard da Vinci, the Mona Lisa has a similar looking copy, which is referred as the Isleworth Mona Lisa.
Having striking similarity, they have their differences too. There is no doubt the paintings are of the same person, but the difference lies in the background. While the original Mona Lisa, which hangs in THE LOUVER, has a detailed background, the Isleworth has an unfinished background and you can see the foot of a piller in the background of the Isleworth which is absent in the original. Although the two paintings have similar features but the Isleworth seems to be younger version of the original Mona Lisa.
You can easily question here that maybe the Isleworth is just a recent copy of the original masterpiece. But it can’t be said so. Close examinations using modern technology like C-14 dating, have revealed that the painting techniques and the colours used in the Isleworth Mona Lisa belong to the same period when the original was painted.
Maybe the Isleworth is an early version of the original Mona Lisa? Maybe it is an incomplete and forgotten piece of work? Or maybe it is just a cleaver work of a genius forger? Nobody knows. Mona Lisa holds more mysteries inside of her than just her charming smile.

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