Mother and Child: Lost in Time

Mother and Child

The relationship of a mother and child is very much beyond words. It is the prime example of unconditional love in the world.
Whether it be in cinema, theater, poetry or art, this love has found its way in popular culture seamlessly. One such series of paintings, not known to the general masses is the Mother and Child by Jamini Roy.

Jamini Roy was one of the earliest modernists of Indian Art. In his paintings, his strong connections with his roots are manifested. The series, Mother and Child is one of his very famous paintings that have survived.
Mother and Child depicts scenes from the everyday lives of Santhal tribal women. If studied carefully it can be noted that very few firm angular lines have been used to create the painting.
These paintings remain underappreciated as the general masses have no idea of their existence. Currently they are on display in the National gallery of Modern Art in new Delhi.

From the painting it is quite clear how a piece composed in the 20th Century can depict notions which challenge the Indian society even today.

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