Music is the Wine that fills the cup of Slience



“Music Begins Inside Human Beings, And So Must Any Instruction. Not At The Instrument, Not With With The First Finger, Nor With The First Position, Not With This Or That Chord. The Starting Point Is One’s Own Stillness, Listening To Oneself, “THE BEING READY FOR MUSIC”, Listening To One’s Own Heartbeat And Breathing .”


It comes from the Greek Word “Mousike” means “The Art of Muse.” Music is a common language of mankind, to the scientist, it is the system of variations, to the musician it is the relationship between the ear and the instrument or voice. Each kind of music has its own rulees “speaks” to us in it’s own way.

Musicians in India are a revered bunch of talented individuals. Their melodies, tunes, compositions, poetry and voice have mesmerized audiences for ages.

“Pop music often tells you everything is OK, while rock music tells you that it’s not OK, but you can change it.”

Here’s a compilation of ten all-time favourite Indian rock bands for all rock aficionados out there!
***Drum roll please***

Indian Ocean: They are the pioneers of fusion rock music in India. India’s rock scene is incomplete without them.

Parikrama: One of India’s most prolific and oldest rock bands. They have jagged up over 3000 shows.

Indus Creed: Initially called Rock Machine, IC is a trailblazer of contemporary rock music. The band was a big winner at the Jack Daniel’s Rock Award.

Raghu Dixit Project: We have all seen him performing at various college fests. Dixit is a star performer who has given Indian folk music a new face. His most popular songs include ‘Mysore se aayi’, ‘Hey Bhagwan’, ‘Gudugudiya’ and ‘Khidki’.

Swarathma: Founded in 2002, Swarathma is based in Bangalore and is India’s leading folk-rock band.

Avial: The band is named after the famous south Indian dish, Avial. It is the first alternative Malayali Rock band that plays a mix of native Malayalam folklore with alternative rock flair.

Therman and a quarter (TAAQ): TAAQ is a popular indian rock band. They describe their music as ‘Bangalore rock’. Highlight: They opened for Guns N’ Roses at their first ever concert in India.

Soulmate: Soulmate is India’s first ever blues rock band from Shillong. Active since 2003, they have released two albums, Shillong and Moving on.

Them Clones: The name is to suggest that their stage personalities are clones of their selves. Inspired by the world of rock n’ roll, their music defies simplification.

Peter Cat recording company: This Delhi-based band takes its name from a restaurant in Kolkata, Peter Cat. Interestingly, their first few gigs in India were at weddings. They describe their music as ranging from “cabaret folk”, “gypsy punk” to just “orchestral”.


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