Pataleshwar caves: A hidden gem of Pune city


Pataleshwar Caves is a hidden gem located in the busiest part of Pune. These caves were constructed during the Rashtrakuta rule in 8th century C.E. it is the oldest monument in the city protected by the government.

Pataleshwar caves consist of three inner sanctum where the deity resides. The temple is dedicated to Lord of the Underground and Shiva. The main deity of the temple is Shiva. Within the central inner sanctum, a shiva linga adorns the temple. The courtyard outside the temple contains Nandi Mandapa which is one of its kind. this structure has umbrella styled canopy supported with pillars. This temple is incomplete due the fault in rock. One can easily observe the construction marks left by the architects and incomplete sculptures on the side walls.

Pataleshwar caves are located at a lower level of ground than the surrounding area so it is not visible from the road. this is one of the reasons that these caves are hard to find sometimes. The caves are surrounded with a garden and there is another temple adjacent to it.

This abode of Shiva has a peaceful atmosphere. One could come here to have a positive energy flow and internal peace.

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