Qissebaazi at Studio Safdar


Qissebaazi expands and builds upon traditional storytelling. A multilingual platform with multiple performers, it is theatrical in presentation but still, distinctively, storytelling.

Each story is performed in two languages- one the core language of the text, and the other a bridge language.

We hope you enjoy both the cadence of the original language and access the content through bridge language.

Stories to be performed-

1) नाट्योत्पत्तेः कथा
The Story of the Origin of Drama
(Sanskrit from Natya Shastra, Hindi by Saattvic, performed by Saattvic)

Over 21 lakh years ago, the end of Satya Yuga and the advent of Treta Yuga brought with it a decay in humanity.

This saddened the divine beings who pleaded with Lord Brahma to create an access device that could be seen and heard, through which the teachings of the four Vedas could reach everyone.

The story tells of how Lord Brahma created a fifth Natya Veda, how it was given to Bharata Muni, how it was used to create the world’s first play, and the events at the play’s first performance, where a group of Asuras, offended by the plot of the story, try to disrupt the performance.

The Episode of Ijlal Jadoo & Amar Aiyyaar (Tilism-e-Hoshruba)
(Traditional literature, first written by Syed Muhammed Husain Jah, and is performed by Danish Husain)

The master text Tilism-e-Hoshruba is a section from the classic Urdu romance epic Dastan-e-Amir Hamza which runs into 46 volumes and over 42,000 pages.

In these epics, Amir Hamza is fighting all those who claim Godhood.
In this particular episode, Amir Hamza’s childhood friend Amar Aiyyaar, the king of tricksters, has entered the magical realm Hoshruba to rescue Hamza’s grandson held hostage by Afrasiyab, the emperor of Hoshruba.

Amar realizes that Afrasiyab has commissioned a powerful sorcerer Ijlal Jadoo to get some help from King Sulaiman and kill Amar. Amar traces Ijlal and finds he is enjoying Sulaiman’s hospitality and is flirting with his daughter Princess Nasreen Ambareen-munh.

Amar kidnaps the Princess,  and dresses as the Princess and then seduces the sorcerer Ijlal Jadoo and slays him.

Performers- Saattvic, Danish Husain
Directed by- Danish Husain




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