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Exciting Mussoorie Trip

Not many of you would have heard of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India, and an incredible place you must visit at least once. The tourists who have been here share their aspiring thoughts and expect to revisit the place.

Well, there are many things that make it such a happening place to boast about. The foremost comes the weather which is crazy pleasant in summer and chill in winter. As it is considered a hill station, people like to come here mostly in summer, however winters does not go desolate. Like Goa, India, Mussoorie seeks crazy traffic at this time of the year.

Only weather does not drives the traffic here but ample of awe-inspiring places like Company Bagh, Lal-Tibba share an equal role. Even I wonder how come there are so many astounding places here.

Not to forget, what makes a place happening is the people here and Mussoorie is all about welcoming and compassionate people. Amidst such people, you will hardly need any guide, however always have one for your ease.

Lastly, you must not miss the shopping experience here. As the people here are mostly east-Indians, you will find the shopping taste little different and you will love it for sure.

Mussoorie is not about just this much. To experience its true beauty, you must come here once. I am sure that you will find more than enough reasons to prolong your stay here. So, why wait, just pack your bags and plan the trip.

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