Reconnecting with Art


What is art? Art is something that can elicit a single thought or feeling such as simplicity or strength, love and pain and the artist feels like the soul is dictating his movement. An artist once said and I quote “Art speaks where words are unable to explain”. It is a form of expression where no rules apply.
When we hear the word “art” the first thought that comes to mind is a drawing sheet and a pack of colors. Drawing comes under “visual arts”, which means creating an image or object and the field of visual arts include painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, design, film-making etc.
All of you must have heard that dance is an art and struggled with your conventional meaning of art. Music, dance and theatre come under “performing arts”. In performing arts, artists use their voices and body as a medium to convey their message or artistic expression.
Delhi has become a center for art exhibitions, artist gatherings, and unique art festivals. The Indian Art Fair is one the most visited art fair with over 17,00,00 visitors in 3 consecutive years. Some of the upcoming art exhibitions in Delhi are:
• International Craft Day – 15 Oct , Craft Village
• Photo Exhibition: Jose Suarez, Lively eyes that think – 11 Oct, Instituto Cervantes
• Rangsrijan : A symphony of colors – 11 Oct, Hindu College (DU)
• Renaissance Art Exhibition – 14 Oct, India International Centre
• Indian Art Festival – 23 Nov, Thyagaraj Sports Complex

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