Have any of you possibly not seen Taj Mahal, The crown of the palace? I surmise… None! All of you might have had a glance at it, might have lost yourself admiring the aesthetically pleasing edifice of all era. But how many of you are aware of the fact that Taj Mahal was truly set to be BLACK in color?

Besides the truth that it was built by the Mughal Emperor – Shah Jahan, took nearly 22 years and endeavor of 22,000 construction workers, erected in reminiscence of his love of the life Mumtaz Mahal, we also have some acquaintance of  evident less facts that: all of the 22,000 workers were severed their hands by the word of Shah Jahan and on the top of all, Taj Mahal was originally going to be built in black by Shah Jahan’s propensity, since the edifice was in memory of someone who had been dead.

In accordance with some sources, even though Shah Jahan did not build the mahal black in color, he wanted it to be so, that is why it was constructed in such way as it would appear to be black at least in reflection, when it is seen in the pond right beside the mahal, which is duly proved by archaeologists.

However some people still debating on it saying, it just symbolizes nothing more than the inclination of Shah Jahan, to the proportion and location of the pool. Which is true? If only Shah Jahan could tell.

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