The Artist Within Us


The Artist Within Us

In this land of diverse people and culture, we are also blessed with miscellany of artists, whose noteworthy contribution has added to the welfare of our nation. Well, let us speak about the unrevealed artists residing within each one of us. Yes, you discern me right! Each one of you, is a maestro of your own life and every task is a melody of your life.

Every single human is gifted with certain skills. Our mothers surpass as a finance minister, a doctor, a teacher and numerous other roles. It is her art how she manages to swerve her role as and when required. This mild and decent transition is what makes her an artist of her own kind.

Have you ever observed birds? A little one with exceptional abilities. Holding strands of ropes, leaves and tiny branches in their beaks, they fly high above the grounds, reach their destinations and build a dwelling for themselves. They sew through all that looks waste and mend it into a roost. Moving on to massive elephants, the creators of the wilderness. Smashing big trees and rocks, they are capable of changing the course of flowing rivers. Artists of their own kinds, arent they?

In a nutshell, every life is an artist, creating wonders through its art and contributing to the planet. If you ever feel trivial or you fail to realize your skills, make an effort to wake up the dormant artist within you. There’s no stopping then!


  1. This is really motivating and inspirational work!

  2. Great Work, nice vocabulary and literature knowledge. Content is well structured and conveys the message pretty well.

  3. Great work, Sakshi. I loved the little birds example 😊

  4. Every human is gifted with certain skill but it’s the responsibility of that person to know himself and use his skills for the welfare of people. If he/she can’t do it then it is of no use πŸ€—πŸ€—
    I liked your example of birds πŸ‘.

  5. Nicely written. Its precise and motivational. Keep it up!!

  6. True very true everyone of us has an artist within usπŸ˜‡
    Loved the content 😎

  7. It’s wonderful!! And an excellent message 😍

  8. Ohhhh Myyyy God
    This is just amazing Sakshiii ❀

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