The Lesser Known Facts about Mohammad Rafi


The lesser-known facts about Mohammad Rafi

Mohammad Rafi – the God Gifted versatile playback singer of Indian Cinema is still remembered even after three and half decades when he left this world. Fondly known as just “Rafi” by music lovers even though most them does not know that his pet name was “Pheeko” when he was quite young. The voice of Rafi still echoes like voice of God on every nook and corner of the world. Rafi remains the most revered and most heard singer on Internet inspiring millions of music lovers and aspiring singers.


Mohammad Rafi is said to have expressed about 517 different moods or occasions of human behavior through his more than 26,000 songs. Rafi also sang two English songs titled ‘Although we hail’ and “She I love’. Rafi learned English from Harindra Nath Chattopadhyay to get into the soul of the song. Music maestro Khayyam asserts that the Rafi’s voice has brought alive the character with an ideal expression that stays in human memory for eternity.


Rafi was invited to sing by the Indian Prime Minister – Jawaharlal Nehru to sing at the latter’s house when the song sung by Rafi “Sun Suno Aye Duniyo Walon Bapuji Ki Amar Kahani” became a super hit across the globe. Rafi was not only a great singer but he also was a great philanthropist. There are many stories the way he did not charge more than a token amount and sometimes nothing at all from producers who were in a crisis.     




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