The Paint Party

paint party


“We artists are a different breed of people, we’re a happy bunch” said Bob Ross an American painter.

These happy creatures found a reason to be happier when Pune’s Group Art Circle came up with their amazing idea of a “Paint Party”. Never held a brush? And no idea where to find the canvas? This is the best place for you.

If you miss those carefree childhood days, when splashing and smearing colors gave you the utmost happiness. It’s time to be a part of this paint party. A canvas, two brushes, a palette and one is free to mix those lovely hues to craft their own masterpiece.



The ambience bursts with energy at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. The soft music plays along as the budding artists paint along “Sunset in Lake”. These gatherings are topped with fresh vibes as the rains applaud the atmosphere adding the missing romanticism. The good news for all the foodies out there is, you even get some Frozen Yogurt to complement the mood.

A single gathering at the paint party leaves us rejuvenated. If you wish to get charged up every week to face the Monday blues head-on. The Paint Party with Group Art Circle is the best idea.

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