True Form of ART

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Just think, what comes to your mind when you hear the word art? I am sure a number of things come to your mind, you are probably confused as to how would you define art. This seems simple but it isn’t. Art is something that has the most number of variants. It exists in numerous forms and each is equally powerful and impactful as the rest. Art is something that compels you to think beyond the ordinary, it is the fusion of the possible and the impossible, just like the fusion of sun and the horizon during sunset.
Now back to the question, how would you define art?Honestly, there is no true definition of this word. Art is what you think of it. Some people might consider it in the form of painting, clearly justified by Leonardo da Vinci and his beautiful Mona Lisa. Others might consider art as literature, and here you might recall Shakespeare and his numerous plays which we have been studying till date, even after 400 years of his death. Art exists in others forms too- photography, music, dance and there have been numerous artists which have popularized them. The truth is art is merely an expression of the artist which is reimagined, reconstructed and relived in your mind. Honestly, you are the person who truly defines art in your own unique and beautiful way. Art is just so impactful that you cannot resist but fall in love with it, fall in deep and true love.

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