visual arts: reflection of a soul


Visual arts comprise of areas such as drawing, painting, ceramics, design, architecture, etc. Since Ancient times, humans have been drawn towards aesthetic and beauty. One can sketch the chronology of Visual Arts since the time of Antiquity.

What was the need for Arts and crafts? why do we have different art at different time? Is everyone an artist in their own way? These are some questions that comes to our mind when we think of art. Can we answer these questions? Will our perspective be acceptable to others?

If we trace the evolution of Arts, we will find that every culture or an artist has its own technique of Art. The examples are many like the Egyptian pyramids, Leaonardo da vinci’s sketches, Indian temples, Picasso’s paintings, etc. Every art form was different. this is due to the fact of Individual soul and technique. Art is the reflection of Soul. This is the reason why different era’s had different Art movements like Expressionism, cubism, impressionism. Each of these movements are related to a particular type of art form.

The different art forms touches the soul of a person differently. This connection is due to the fragments of artist’s soul attached to the art work. This statement answers a lot of questions. Therefore when one looks at an artwork there is an instantaneous emotional connection or no connection at all.



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