Art and its Various Forms


Art is actually an expression of human mind involving creativity or special skill which results into some visual form like painting, sculpture etc depicting emotions. Art is appreciated for its beauty or appeal by others, normally exhibited publicly to get its actual value in real life. Any artwork, if appreciated by common people irrespective of time & places, becomes a masterpiece and thus becomes a legend like “MONALISA” by Leonardo da Vinci.

When we think of art variations some images flashes in mind like a portrait or a beautiful landscape. Art has undergone many changes travelling through time space. According to perception of critics, art is categorized into visual and performing arts. Painting, drawing and sculpting etc involving creativity falls under visual arts. Whereas dance, drama etc falls under the category of performing arts.

Nowadays, in the era of computer, art has undergone modifications and passing through the phase of digitization. Since the ancient times of cave paintings art has evolved a lot and yet a lot to be explored. India is enriched and prosperous with famous artists like Tagore, Ramkinkar, M.F. Hussain and we are proud of our culture of Art and its variation.

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