Hip-Hop Dance

Hip-Hop Dance

Hip-Hop Dance is also known as street dance which is basically performed in Hip-Hop Music. It includes a large amount of style mainly breaking which was introduced in 1970s and was popular by Unites States. Television shows and 1980s films gave exposure to this dance form & they have introduced it out side United Sates also. Hip-Hop is performed anywhere in indoor studios and outside the studio as well. Every year Europe host many Hip-Hop dance competitions.

Breaking, Locking, Pooping are the main style include in Hip-Hop. Breaking was introduced in New York. It is known as the one of the five pillars of Hip-Hop Dance. Locking was introduced in 1969 by Don Campbellock. Locking and popping are similar and mostly people got confused by seeing these styles. Pooping was introduced in California in 1970.

Many International competitions are held every year all over the World like Street Dance Kemp Europe, Euro Battle, World Supremacy Battlegrounds etc.

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