Archana gupta

Archanna Guptaa (also known as Archanna Guptaa) is an Indian. She is based out of Mumbai and is a model and film actress. She has acted in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and even a Russian film.

Personal life

Archanna was born in Agra and later moved to Mumbai to establish her career as a model and a film actress. She has one sister Vandana gupta who is also an actress.


Archanna made her acting debut in the Telugu film Andamaina Manasulo.

She made her Kannada debut in the film Circus, opposite Ganesh, which was released in mid-January 2009. She followed it up with three more films in Kannada, viz., Lift Vodla, Karthik and Achchu Mechchu.

In 2013, she won three projects in Malayalam- Rasputin,hangover and Kaanchi.

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