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PicsArt_01-08-09.30.25These days it’s common for every Bollywood actor to remove his shirt as far as sexual appeal is concerned making every single person to go drooling over their body. Nowdays, young heads are putting themselves into intense ways for achieving without realising that each body is different.

One thing that I soon realized that perfect  body is definitely not changing the frame of  your body, “molding it into something which  looks attractive but not natural obviously!” I have been around those people who have  different thinking over this matter. For some, perfect body is being attractive no matter  what it takes to build such body that catches  your eyes. Okay, now one more fact about such  people is that half of them don’t even know what’s the right way to work on your body!  I think patience is all you need for perfect body because let’s face it; quick transformations will make you use artificial methods.
Adding to this, Perfect body is not limited to having a attractive figure but also having a positive mind.Many of us don’t even bother about this right! But I value fitness above anything else, that doesn’t mean that I put myself to eating limited. My mind doesn’t works if I’m not well- fed. My way of having a positive mind is indulging into mind cleansing activities and  also eating your heart out, I should say this  since I’m  a  foodie! And yes, keeping in mind, “the perfect body”, I think just being fit works  enough for me. I’m not playing such a role where I have to get into bodybuilding but at the same time it’s my duty to maintain this body. Even, I go wrong many times though, I don’t  want to be safe and boring! Still, I always keep in mind what’s good for me and what’s not.
 Everyone has a routine that will suit them best  but I think the best way of doing it is all about balance. But on top of that, not abusing your body with heavy workout, It is important to stay balanced with what you eat.”Listen to your body if you need a rest, so rest your body. You are the best person who understands your body and what it needs”, says every fitness book.

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