Sorabh Pant

Blame it on my elephantine memory or my sense of observation, but Sorabh Pant’s brand of comedy struck me as unusual, long before Sorabh Pant became a brand. During college, Sorabh was known for his side-splitting sense of humor and lighthearted manner of expression. So years later, it comes as no surprise to see his name popping up as one of India’s top Stand Up Comedians.

From the funny guy in college to being named one of the country’s 6 best Comedians, Sorabh Pant has sure come a long way. In the recent years, he’s done over 800 shows in 32 cities in 10 countries.

Sharing here excerpts from my conversation with Sorabh on what it took for him to carve a niche in an unconventional profession.

India is inspiring for comedy. There’s enough to be annoyed and delighted about here. The first comedian I ever saw live was Johnny Lever – who blew my brains out as a 12-year-old! But, internationally – there’s Brian Regan, Chris Rock, Mike Birbiglia, Jon Stewart, John Oliver – who I’ve been a fan of since 2009!

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