Electronic / Drum & Bass

A Drum & Bass music Trio based up on Manipal, India namely Joel, Sean & Sanath
They have a very distinctive sound as to their production is unique in every instance of their hard hitting Neurofunk, Sub-driven, Electonic music that goes wild on festivals.

Noizbleed started off originally as a rock band based in Manipal back in 2012. When they were 12 years old, Joel & Sean decided to start a side project to start producing electronic music and take over the electronic side of the industry. After 3 years of successful mainstream EDM production they decided to shift to the more Darker, Underground and the evergrowing Drum & Bass scene with the joining of third member to the duo, Sanath.
Working for a Crowdfunded film called FICTION featuring Raj B Shetty as the cast, They’ve managed to do a perfect combination Indian sounds with Electronic Drum and Bass music.

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