Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock, Folk
A Delhi based progressive band, PARASHARA is an idea conceived and brought to action in the mountains.

The curious, rebellious and inquisitive vibe of the youth is what has been inspiring PARASHARAs to make music since 2015, the music that takes people to highs and leave them questioning the conventions. Their music is an insane combination of different flavors and craze of each of the band members ranging into varied genres, themes and playing styles.

PARASHARA’s original music majorly revolves around the realities of life, & is rich, fun, modern, elementary and yet unforgettable. With an experimental (call it alternative) and progressive feel they enrich their music with, you are bound to fall in love with Indian Music all over again. The band has performed at some of the finest venues of India, made the audience spin around every time and has earned a loving fan base every where.

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