Do you want to start a new blog or do you have a blog but with no idea of some basics then this post is for you.

Nowadays, everyone is writing so many things on blog and everyone wants to jump in it but without knowing the basics of the blog, it will go in vain eventually so here I am pointing some important things you must follow while writing your blog.


  1. Find Your Target Audience

As there are thousands of blog, you must have to figure out how to make your blog stand out from the crowd. And when it comes to writing it is always a crucial task of finding the suitable crowd.

So for finding that do some research first, identify crowd’s needs and concerns related to your topics and when it will be done , it will be always helpful for more reach and finding good topics.

  1. Write Like You Talk

Your audience must understand what you have written so make sure that your content you are not writing anything that is too complicated for your audience, always try to write like you are talking with someone and try to keep your tone calm.

  1. Be Social

Social media is dominating online market nowadays and if your content is a hit on social media it will eventually create a boost in your audience, Find active social pages on Facebook, twitter, medium and share the content with them, observe the results from those social media and change your content according to that.

  1. Develop Your Own Blog Writing Signature

It is always preferable that your writing contains a unique style that separate your copy from the crowds. For doing that always keep your content unique and do not try to plagiarize because that will make your content spam. Apart from that keep your style fresh as per market and customize it as per need.

  1. Set Up Your Targets

Set up your target for how many readers you want, how many posts to publish in certain amount of time, where to publish all the content because lots of post in a short amount may lead to bad content quality and it will stress out writer as well as readers too.

  1. Value your readers

Always keep in mind that you are writing your posts for your readers, not for you. Always question yourself that why your readers will read this? Is this content relevant as per their need? Also ask for their feedbacks every time and change your content according your readers’ feedbacks.

  1. Learn Some Technical Things

Due to many blogging platforms, Knowledge of HTML and CSS is no longer needed but still a basic knowledge of it will help to fix simple things for you .Apart from that try to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because it’s one of the most important things to drive traffic to your blog, there are many websites who are teaching this for free.

  1. Know Your Limits

Not everyone gets a huge success and growth in blogging market, there may be a time when you will be out of the competition and at that time do only one thing, STOP, and try to give time to yourself for rebooting of the project. Don’t push your limits.

All these small and big things help in creating a great blog, so go, follow the basics and start to steal the show by writing. Happy Blogging.

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