28th World Congress on Cardiology and Heart Diseases

Cancer Therapies Increase Heart Risks, Experts Warn

A current research in the field of Cardiology says Cancer therapies leads to various cardiac risks. cancer survivors should keep a close eye on their heart health, based on a recent statement from the American Heart Association that highlights the close link between cancer and heart disease.


Cardiac oncology is also called as Cardiovascular oncology is a field of medicine by where molecular & clinical alterations in cardiovascular system during the treatment of cancer due to chemo & target therapy

  • Hemotherapy-related cardiac dysfunctions
  • Hemotherapy-related cardiac dysfunctions
  • Hemotherapy-related cardiac dysfunctions
  • Targeting Tyrosine Kinases for Cancer Therapy
  • Adiation-Induced Heart Disease

Cardiology World 2018 offers an opportunity for Cardiologists, Scientists, Researches, Professors related to Cardiology Field to discuss their current research innovations & submit your abstract at https://goo.gl/nhoKZU

For cancer survivors, keeping a close eye on heart health is an important next step after completing therapy. Early diagnosis can lead to early treatment and potentially minimize risk of complications. Since heart disease and cancer share risk factors, making healthy lifestyle changes is a must. By maintaining a healthy weight, staying active, eating healthy and not smoking, women can significantly reduce their risk for both cancer and heart disease.

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