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Events Art Culture Festival

EACF (Events Art Culture Festival) is a digital platform to serve event promotion consisting of event organizers, venue promoters, exhibitors, sponsors, industry experts, NGOs, visitors and service providers, by enabling collaboration and communication for enhanced business results.


  • Fastest Emerging Digital platform: Event Art Culture Festival is one of the fastest emerging Digital platform for event listing with visitors across the globe.
  • Digital marketing : Event Art Culture has special focus on digital marketing of the platform which indirectly helps all the customers who use us.
  • Excellent customer support : We, at Event Art Culture Festival give highest priority to our customer requests and needs, we try our best to provide necessary services to our customers to make their event popular and successful.
  • Lowest ticket processing service charge : We charge the lowest % for ticket payment processing compared to our competition in market.
  • Reporting : Event Art Culture Festival will provide the ticket booking summary and visitor analytics of event page on regular basis for paid events.



Rs.1500/-per month (Minimum 4 Months for Rs 7,000) OR  Rs.15,000/- per year 

  • What will you get in return:
  • Listings of your profile in the relevant category on our Web Portal (For Vendors/ Events etc).
  • Get 24/7 Lead Generation through the website’s regular viewership and traffic (details are mentioned below) .
  • Your Profile will be listed and featured in our News Letter, which is circulated to 5000 prominent buyers and corporates of the industry, every Month.
  • Your profile will be featured on Facebook (One Post) every fortnight (once in 2 weeks) for Exposure and
  • Your profile will be featured on Instagram(One Post) every fortnight (once in 2 weeks) to generate leads .


Ads SizesLocationPrice
1350*400(Main Banner)Home Page5,000/- per month
1100*220(Other Banner)Home Page3,500/- per month
728*90(Banner)Vendor Pages2,500/- per month
350*350(Side Wedgets)Conference Pages1,750/- per month


Website Monthly Page views19,843
Website Monthly Visitors8,885
Instagram4, 972 followers
Twitter7, 320 followers
Facebook8550 followers
Facebook Reach17,327


  • Event creation online
  • Organisers can create event at our portal for FREE
  • Organisers need to provide below details to create an event
  • Event Title
  • Event Description
  • Event banner
  • Event Venue details
  • Event start and end date & time
  • Ticket details
  • Gallery images
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Event will be live in portal once admin reviews and approves the details that organiser provided.


  • Organisers can sell tickets through Events Art Culture Festival portal for any event.
  • Organizers can create tickets with different categories, different prices and allocate different volumes to each category.
  • Organizer can choose the option if cancellation can be allowed or not.
  • Events art culture will provide the ticket booking status report to organiser on daily basis.
  • Events art culture will also provide the analytics of event page.

Premium banner display

  •  Events Art Culture Festival will display premium banner on its home page for any event published in Events art culture festival as a premium service.
  • Customer needs to supply the premium banner of size 1130×360.
  •  Events Art Culture will display maximum of 7 premium banners in home page.
  •  Pricing : Rs. 1000/- for 7 days or less will be charged to display premium banner.
  •  Additional Rs. 2000/- will be charged for every additional 7 days or less.
  • Customer needs to pay 100% of the amount in advance to Events Art Culture Festival to display the premium banner.

Banner creation

  • We Have a strong designing team to help customers to create high quality banners as per the event theme.
  • Customer needs to explain the theme of the event to designer for banner creation. Customer can provide review comments for maximum of 3 iterations.
  • We will also help customers to create banners of different sizes for their marketing purpose.
  •  The costing will be provided as per the requirements.
  • Pricing Rs. 2000/- will be charged to create premium banner of size 1130×360 that can be published on Events Art Culture as well as Art Culture Festival homepage.


  • 7% of ticket price will be deducted by Event Art Culture Festival as payment processing service charge and 93% of ticket price will be credited in organizer’s bank account.
  • Complete amount will be transferred to organizer in 2-3 days after completion of event.


  • Events Art Culture Festival will offer digital marketing services to make events more popular and to reach more people.
  • The objective is to help customers to make the event very popular by leveraging all digital channels.
  • Below are some of activities we perform as part of digital marketing services.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Google Ad Words marketing.
  • Articles and blog posting in popular and relevant blogs and magazines.
  • Banner ads in relevant forums.
  • Pricing will be decided after discussion with customer on scope.

SMS Services

  • We can provide SMS services to send periodic SMSs to visitors or/and organisers.
  • Customer needs to provide the mobile numbers to whom SMSs need to be sent.
  • Customer should provide below details to Events Art Culture to enable SMS services.
  • Mobile numbers to whom SMSs need to be sent.
  • Exact SMS text.
  • Date and time when SMS need to be sent.
  • SMSs cant be sent to the mobile numbers registered for DND (Do Not Disturb).
  • Pricing 50 Paise per SMS will be charged by Events Art Culture Festival.

Event promotion and Visitor campaign

  • Events Art Culture Festival has a team of expertise to promote the event through campaigns to maximize the visitors.
  • We will use its experience and technology to maximize the benefit to customer with optimal cost.
  • Events Art Culture Festival uses below channels for Event promotion and Visitor campaign.
  • Physical workforce to reach out to targeted audience.
  • Focused digital marketing
  • Print and Electronic media
  • Email and SMS
  • Mini events
  • Pricing will be discussed and decided based on the scope and customer’s expectations.
  • It is flexible to discuss target based pricing as well.

Post Event Buzz

  • Events Art Culture Festival will create a buzz through digital content distribution of the event after the completion of event.
  • Events Art Culture Festival will perform below activities as part of Post event buzz.
  • Compiling the digital content with event highlights.
  • Distributing the content in various formats to the visitors and organisers using the database.
  • Creating summary posts in social media.
  • Customer needs to provide the database to whom the digital content needs to be distributed.


  • Pricing will be discussed and decided based on the scope.
  • Events flexible to discuss target based pricing as well.

Advertisement space on side bar

  • Event art culture festival will offer the sidebar space for advertisement.
  • The sidebar advertisement space is available only in search result page.
  • Each of the ad is of size 160×230. There will be 6 such banners in side bar for sale on each search result page.
  • Customer needs to provide the banner of size 160×230 and also respective URL if user needs to be routed on click.
  • Events Art Culture Festival will have complete authority to decide the customer and banner if there are more customers competing for banner space for same category and same city.

Payments Detail:

  • PAYTM:- 9873622215
  • BANK TRANSFER:- Good Cause
  • HDFC Bank Ac. no – 50100074272981 RTGS/NEFT
  • IFSC: HDFC 0000134 
    Branch-D-23 Defence Colony New Delhi-110024