Events in Delhi

Know Different Types of Events Organised in Delhi

Delhi being the capital of India has people living in it from all the parts of India. Many a time, it is referred to as “Mini India”. It has culture derived from each and every part of the country. This has led to a multidisciplinary and multicultural atmosphere in and around Delhi making it colorful and vibrantly lively throughout the year.

Being the cultural capital of India, too many events and activities are organized throughout the year in various parts of Delhi according to the cultural groups and communities and their associations. The event in Delhi can be categorized based on their type:

  1. Cultural events and festivals – These include events based on the festivities held in various parts of the country like those of garba during navratri, party at the Christmas Eve, Baisakhi Mela, Durga-puja. Though festivals vary depending on the community, people participate irrespective of religion.
  2. Events for the youth – These include singing and dancing programs and karaoke which generally attract the younger generation.
  3. Fun events organized at the amusement parks – This nowadays attracts a good amount of crowd throughout the year. Families and friends participate irrespective of age and gender. Food festivals also are organized which attract a trendy group of a crowd.
  4. Theatre and dramas – There are numerous film societies and groups which organize dramas and performances which are starred by renowned personalities.

Though situated in Northern India, Delhi is always packed with numerous events and programmes all throughout the year keeping people busy and adding colors to everyone’s life.

Go to art exhibition events to rejoice Indian art and culture

Delhi being the capital of the country is the centre of traditional art and culture. Being a state on its own and with its vast majority of diversity in culture and traditions, Delhi is enriched with ethnicity. People of various religious beliefs and practices stay in Delhi. They have different food habits and worship different Gods and are from different parts of the country.

So we understand that Delhi has a diverse range of culture and tradition which is also exhibited by the various historical structures and monuments present in Delhi. It represents the rich heritage that belongs to the country.

Therefore, Delhi being the cultural capital of India and referred to as “Mini India” organizes quite a number of art exhibition events throughout the entire year by the various cultural groups and communities and art emporiums and centres.

Art exhibition events are arranged by the art colleges and are itself hosted on their premises. The art exhibitions display works of famous artists from all over the country ranging from North to South and from East to West. These exhibitions are held throughout the year and consist of displays of artists and sculptors.

The exhibitions include modern art paintings, ancient paintings and also art pieces from the medieval times, when India was influenced by foreign cultures and traditions. These paintings depict the historical importance of our cultural heritage. The exhibition also includes sculptures made by our artists across the country. Many of these exhibitions are patronised by the government of India to enhance and rejoice Indian art and culture.

Art events are mainly orchestrated to promote your image and present people with something which amuses them. This is a way to convey your message to targeted audience in an effective and presentable manner. Therefore, there is a lot stake with these art events and you should try to make them memorable and worthwhile as possible as you can. If you are planning on organizing an art event in Delhi, then make sure that it aims at promoting the global understanding of art by showcasing the conventional arts from diverse cultures. This art event in Delhi comprises of performers which are drawn from all over the world, for amusing people of all ages and from all backgrounds