New Variety Decorators

For more than 50 years, New Variety Decorators has been decorating India and uplifting the standards of fine decorations. Their constant zeal in offering something new and innovate usage of space, have helped them acquire national and international projects.

Speciality: Custom props, theatrical set and scenery construction.

Location: Sunlight Colony, New Delhi

Price Range: High

If you’re looking for a highly professional decorator in Delhi who has a creative and keen eye to detail, then you’ve found your match. Their vast industry experience has enabled them to quickly figure what works and what doesn’t in design, which seems to be the secret of the breathtaking décor they display. Their in-house design team sits with you to plan your dream project and then creates a visual presentation through drawings, references, and photographs so that you have a clear picture of the final set before they commence fanning life into your dream plan.

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