Art music-The healer

Music is an art.Correctly named as art music.It may be of various kinds,based on the place and so on.The music likers may also be of various kinds depending on their demands.But as a whole,music acts as a healer not only for men but also for all those who were font of it.It has the ability to act as an stress buster.Also it has proved itself as the best solution for any kind of problems.

Medically,listening music can increase the blood circulation,since it can make humans to be relaxed,to make them feel happy,energised all through out their day as a result can get rid out of most diseases.How worthful,isn’t it? Of course most of us had experienced it.Hadn’t we?.

Particularly in India many varieties of music were prevailing since olden days,but ┬ávaries according to the natives.But now it is marching towards its extinction.Former people of the world really felt music as their relaxing point.But everything now is being made money oriented.”But people just understand,music was just not urged to play for money.HURRY UP!Our boons are extincting..”By the fact that youths can make anything possible,we should also make this possible that is to preserve our identity of music.Not the one who is at responsible position can do all such things,Everybody who had that vitality can do! So,let’s hope to do our best in preserving by encouraging the spread of music.

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