Mixtures Of Theatre


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Enjoy back to back three plays with different stories and different artist whose acting attracted you. The first play Guide is the story of the woman who is always treated as a vamp and a bad woman. This is written from the woman point of view. Her side has never been heard. Why would a woman give every emotion to a man knowing full well she will be characterized badly by society. How intense she must be in love. Hopelessly destruction of an ill- famous life. Artist: Kavita Anand, Bhupender Bhatia Story Teller. The next play Dinesh Kapoor Muskurana Zaruri Hai¬†this play is based on day-to-day ideological conflicts between a husband and wife and how this turns out to be an element of fun for others. This along with a moral message has been depicted through this play. Artists: Sanjay Popli, Manjit Singh, Rakesh Sharma, Anamika Arora, Kavita Anand, Vijay Sharma, Aman Arora Written and the last play is Directed by Sanjay Popli¬†Banarasi Babu, is a small clerk in a Government office but aspires of becoming an officer one day. However, he has a peculiar habit of buying Goods on credit. One of his friends, Praan, has recently got married to his beloved, who is a writer by profession. To help his wife write a lively story, Praan takes her to Banarasi Babu’s house. At his house, certain misunderstandings and miscommunication leads to some extremely funny and comical incidents. You will die hard laughing after having a looking at these. Artists: Bhupinder Bhatia, Tarun Oberoi, Ishu Khurana, Parveen Kumar, Varun Kocchar, Dharam Pal Arora, Aradhana Jana, Rashima Kapoor, Kavita, Divya Baatt Scripted and Directed by Bhupinder Bhatia.

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