Indian Hip Hop Movement – “A road to revolution “

Before getting into Indian Hip Hop movement lets know something about its origin. “Back in 1973 DJ Kool Herc kick-started the movement by throwing a party “Back to School Jam” on 11 August 1973 which changed everything – it was historically perceived as an expression of urban youth – and before too long had spread across the entire borough where this movement soon became a celebration as well as a powerful tool used during protests.”

India saw a revolution last year in HIP HOP when street artists like Badshaah, Raftaar, Naezy, DIVINE, Prabhdeep and more, collaborated with SAVAN in its “ARTIST ORIGINAL” album. With the huge success of this album, these artists were also seen in their solo video on youtube, which went viral. This mainstream of HIP-Hop in India is  named as  ” Indian HIP HOP movement ”
Songs like “CITY SLUMS” and “Meri Gully main” street rapper DIVINE has seen a huge success, crossing 4+ million views record, which is highest views recorded by any India.
Mumbai described as the “Maximum City”, with more than 50 percent of city’s 20+ million population living in slums, is also known as the main contributing part of the HIP HOP movement.

The graph of India started increasing when “The KINGS UNITED “ a dance team from Mumbai won Bronze Medal in World Hip Hop Dance Championship (2015). That was the period when countries like the USA started knowing that India has some potential in HIP HOP.

The present scenario of Indian Hip Hop is that many underground crews like CDS India(Celestial Dragons India), Gully gang and much more are coming forward and joining hands for making Indian Hip-Hop movement a success.  With the announcement of the movie, “Gully Gang” on our super start Street rapper DIVINE starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt coming this year will also boost this movement a lot.

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