Art: More Than Just Aesthetics

Gandhi believed that a child should be taught how to draw before it starts to write in order to develop its handwriting. But of course, art has more advantages than simply a good handwriting. Art can be defined as the conscious use of skills and creativity in order to produce something. It is generally associated with aesthetics, but sports can be considered a form of art as well. Art is a form of expression of emotions, thoughts, even the self. For some, it’s a way of life, while for some, it’s a hobby.
Whatever the subjective definition may be, art holds great importance in our lives and is beneficial for both children and grown-ups. It develops motor skills, which improves dexterity, strengthens problem-solving and critical thinking, and increases creativity and inventiveness, since expressing yourself is a critical part of art. Art also removes the language barrier since it is a form of expression in itself.

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