name, persona and Identity

The question of identity and its relationship with the individual’s life in the society have pertinent implications. Identity formation is the result of historical implication, societal politics and the individual who is the discoursivities related to identity. This ‘identification’ strain is underlined at all times of the society’s existence. It betrays its influence at the micro level at the site of naming. Each individual is ‘named’ at birth. It follows a process that makes the phenomenon as natural, such that the question of ‘identity formation’ that is implicit in the process remains concealed.

However, there appear times in the life of the community when the question of the name and its role in the identity formation comes alive. It becomes a political question that deems answer which is political as well as of extreme importance to philosophy. These questions of ‘political philosophy’ and ‘political performativity’ are a reply to the problem of existence, to the problem of exploitation and emancipation.

My objective would be to trace the debates surrounding the question of the name, its role in identity formation, and its relationship to the question of politics which is the site of emancipation.

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