Normal Is Subjective

What exactly is normal? Waking up, grabbing a brush and putting on some makeup? Working 9 to 5 at a desk job? Returning home to your family and having a nice dinner? Or partying at night, sleeping till late in the noon, working from home? Listening to catchy pop songs in 4/4 or avant-garde in, let’s say, 13/8? Eating meat three times a day or being vegan? What may feel normal to you may not feel normal to someone else. That’s because people are different. In their characteristics, ideologies, and habits.
Yep, people are different. There’s a reason we have different communities and cultures, and even in societies, people are different. For example, in some cultures, eating dogs is common, whereas, in some, dogs are domesticated and are considered a part of the family. Pre-marital sex is fairly common in the western society, but is still considered taboo in the primitive parts of the world.
So what do you label as normal? You probably shouldn’t label, for starters. Try to widen your perspective and stop being a conformist.

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