It is not brand new information that our worth – in today’s world – is measured by the number of compliments we can manage to get on a daily basis. These compliments make us smile, boost our self-confidence and remind us that we are beautiful.

So ‘what is beauty?’, one might ask. Is it just about applying the right shade of eye shadow that perfectly matches our cherry red lip-colour? Or is it about wearing turquoise contact lenses to a party with the perfectly applied mascara? Maybe about blotching our faces with loads of foundation? 

Well, sure we can expertise in applying some blush-on to our face correctly, what what are we going to do if the skin that we’re applying it to isn’t healthy? Why we don’t think beyond artificial beauty and society-built beauty standards is difficult to comprehend. The toxins in our body find their way out in the form of pimples and acne on our skin and the commonly found beauty products are definitely not going help our skin breathe. 
We often majorly underestimate the effects of our daily habits on our skin. You may find yourself worried over the activity of your sebaceous glands that make your skin appear to be coated with layers of oil. Well, the good news is, you’re not alone.

Hundreds of others too find oil takeover their impeccable skin- making it super moist in appearance. The reasons behind suffering from oily skin vary, of course; You can quite easily blame the growth hormones for your teenage pimples but it could also be heredity.

Sometimes pregnancy has a lot to do with oily skin issues; It is not uncommon to find pregnant women complain of oily skin with fluctuating estrogen levels. Humid weather could be a cause of oily skin -especially during summers- and we also recommend you to not overuse skincare products that you do not fully trust. The most common problem of oily skin is acne which is an inflammatory skin disease that makes the face appear as though filled with red spots in many places. If you’re a self-conscious young adult suffering from oily skin, then it may be a problem for you to go out in public with a high self esteem. 
Honestly, it’s not just about your skin; one must also take care of the hair, health, proper eating habits and regular exercise.

It is imperative that we pay attention to natural beauty if we want to look our best self. If our hair is stronger from the roots, our skin breathes actively and our body is free of toxins, we might not even need to rub chemicals against our bodies in a desperate attempt to look “beautiful”. The right amount of sleep, the adequate amount of proteins and nutrients in our everyday diet, the correct breathing exercises, yoga asanas and natural moisturisers such as honey, coconut oil or cucumbers can help us look fresh and stunning at all times without being dependent on toxic substances. So while you’re reading this, make it a point to take care of your health and skin naturally and do what you do best – look beautiful.


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