Pop of Punjabi music

Music is not just a sound created from an instrument or vocally, it takes lots of affection, dedication of lyricists, singers, music composers to create a song which will gain popularity in between the clans. Talking about the popularity, Punjabi music industry is standing tall in this race. From boundaries of Punjab diverse style of Punjabi music, ranging from folk and sufi to classical and pop is earning fame not only in India but also cross-border in UK and USA.

8cVariety in music

From old melodious sufi songs to rocking raps form of music is changed but the decency, emotions and love towards music remained unchanged. While talking about suif and folk songs nobody can deny from the name of powerful singing voice Reshma, a Pakistani folk singer who was awarded with Sitara-e-Imtiaz(Star of Distinction). She recorded many songs and the memorable ones are “Laal Meri”, “Hai O Rabba Nahino Lagda Dil Mera” and “Laambi Judaai”.

There was a time when sufi and folk songs were in trend and wide range of folk songs were available for every occasion form birth to death, which includes marriage, festivals and religious ceremonies. In almost every wedding ceremony family members, friends, relatives perform sets of folk songs. Though the time changed and creativity increased the level of Punjabi music but still folk music is used as a modern tool and the way of locating identification.

Punjabi music nowadays

Trend of Punjabi singing changed when new generation entered into this musical industry. Standard of Punjabi music got new heights reason behind the massive success is hard work, dedication, faith, love, creativity and any more. Punjabi songs are heard by non-Punjabis as the song lyric attracts them on a very high note. Fluent music with taste of amazing rap makes the song worth listening.

Top 5 male Punjabi singers

  1. Babbu Maan

Babbu Maan is a Punjabi singer, songwriter, music director, actor, video director and producer. Well known as Legend singer of Punjab. His famous songs are Samundar, Mitran di chatri and so on.

  1. Jassi Gill

Jasdeep Singh Gill known as Jassi Gill is a very famous Punjabi singer. He made his debut in 2011 but got famous from his 2013’s song Lancer. Some of his songs include, Nakhre, Dil tutda, Gabbroo and many more.

  1. Ammy Virk

Singh Virk best known as Ammy Virk is a famous Punjabi singer who is recognized as Bhangra singer of the time. His career began in 2012 with a single song called “Chandigarh Diyan Kudiyan”. His first album was released in 2013 and his song “bullet vs chammak challo” broke many records.

  1. iJazzy B

 Iconic Punjabi singer Jaswinder Singh Bains popularly known as Jazzy B. He released some hit albums of 21st century. His famous songs include “Billo Tera Jatt” and many more.

  1. Diljit Dosanjh

 Diljit Dosanjh is of the most successful Punjabi singers not only Punjab but also globally. Famous singer, actor and writer received lots of awards for his amazing performances in India as well as overseas. Some of his songs include “Laembadgini”, “5 taara”, and so on.

Top 5 female singers

  1. Nimrat Khaira

Nimratpal Kaur Khaira well known as Nimrat Khaira got fame ater the release of her first single “Ishq Kacheri”. She is the winner of voice of Punjab season 3. Some of her famous songs are “Taanvi Changa Lagda”,”Suit”.

  1. Kaur B

Baljinder Kaur best known as Kaur B is famous Punjabi singer and actress. She took part in every famous Punjabi singer and actress. She took part in every single singing competition since from childhood. Some of her famous songs are “Paranda”, “Sunakhi” and so on.

  1. Miss Pooja

Gurinder Kaur Kainth is none other than the name of melodious voice of Punjab Miss Pooja. Miss Pooja had recorded more than 3000 songs for Punjabi music industry as well as for bollywood. Some of her songs include “Jaan toh Pyari”, “Baari Baari barsi”.

  1. Jasmine Sandlas

Jasmine Sandlas is one of the leading Punjabi singers. Jasmine started singing at the age of 6 and wrote her first song “Adhi Rati” at the age of 16. Some of her songs include “Sip Sip”, “Punjabi Mutiyaran” and many more.

  1. Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar this name doesn’t need any definition her success and achievements are remarkable. She entered in this industry in 2006 from Indian Idol season 2. Some of her songs include “Manali Trance”, “Pyaar Te Jaguar” and en endless list of songs.

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