The Interns

Sustaining in this world is the survival of the fittest, or atleast that is what we are told.
And then there is ‘the dying breed’ or should say the ‘cooler breed’?
More often, people fear the process of ageing but wasn’t it supposed to be fun getting older and wiser? To be able to do anything and everything and exactly the same amount that we want?

But the world we live in somehow have put the grannies on the sideline because we think that is how ageing reciprocates but I have news people, they are the reason you are here.
The generation of the yeteryear is the truth of our existence on this planet.

So my purpose is to help our minds think a little differently. So why not treat them as interns and let them live the way they have lived than to poodle them as among the retires?
Curate ‘Senior Citizens Internship Programmes’ in suits for them to understand that their worlds haven’t come to an end but only a new chapter of their lives are in the edge to begin?

“Life is meant to be savoured until the end.”

(Img source-internet)

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