Music has two faces: An unparalleled form of art & a journey to recreate soul

Do you ever wonder what could it be like to not have music as a part of our life? Well, It is worthy to give a thought to, and it would be an understatement to say that the universe would be a tranquil place to live in without music. In fact, music has extraordinary power over us, humans; it’s what makes humans human. Music is indeed an exceptional form of art as well as the beautiful journey to recreate one’s soul.

Music had been an integral part in the lives of human being. Everybody relishes music, and this becomes a lot apparent in each important event right from marriages and funerals to inaugurations and graduation ceremonies to birthdays. In spite of the reasons behind what it’s used for, music is a pure form of art, and our lives would undoubtedly be incomplete without it. It is possible to shift the atmosphere in any space by merely adding some music. There are many various forms of music which could be used for n’ number of occasions, and it can be incredibly soothing and reposeful to the listeners.

Every culture in the present and the past has been highly involved in music. Studies have proved that music affects several elements of our brain profoundly. Music creates deep emotions and feelings with tons of reminiscences. In other words, music has been seen to be like an appealing therapy for our souls.

“Music is an art of expression, and it should bring the inner side of a particular artist to the surface, as well as, give the world an insight of artist’s vision, it is an articulation of communication” – Martin Landsky

Music is genuinely perceived to be as the universal form of art. It is a language in itself. Music in its pure form and nature has the power to express and convey a lot of emotions or feelings, or a psychological mood, or an attitude of mind and even a phenomenon of nature, etc.

  • Art it is!

Music is a unique art form because of it’s lyrical as well as auditory representation for and of any story. Through patterned rhythm, constructive words, a collaboration of instruments, music blesses listeners with an insight into individual’s personal experiences, also an in-depth perceived interpretation of the universe. No song is ever the same and musical talent today is witnessed in a multitude of forms. Inclinations for music are visible in voice; instruments played, lyrics were written, composition and much – much more. These music elements are highly admirable individually as well as jointly. It is never possible for any of these to work in isolation. Instead, they work collaboratively to create a holistic music experience capable enough to convey a message efficiently and implicitly in many beautiful and creative ways.

  • To Soul, it touches!

“Music embodies feeling without forcing it to contend and combine with the thought” – Franz Liszt

Music possesses power. In fact, it is in itself a power or more like magic. It can be soothing even to the heart of a raging savage beast, just like the famous saying goes. Music at times expresses things which seem highly impossible to be expressed verbally. Music is a language like none other. Music can also be termed as energy. It’s a combination of sound and vibrations brought together to make rhythm and thus the power of eclectic mixture. Just like energy and food are the basic necessity for our bodies to survive in this world. Similarly, our soul strives for music to rejuvenate, thus pouring it with passion and energy.

Now by adding logic and explanation to this, it can be said – it is no news to us that there is a significant impact of the expression and the power, in uplifting major thirds or even a catastrophic minute interval, because it profoundly affects humans on a psychological and physiological level. The effect is on the electrical and chemical processes within the body. Going much deeper we can say that it is a string of artistic and beautiful composed notes which travels beyond the sensory input and processing to touch our soul.

Many individuals who are highly addicted to music would understand the power that it has in prodding emotions, feels and thoughts. It is even capable enough to alter one’s experience so that the life for them becomes magical to an extent where it can also be termed as spiritual.

When a person connects with himself or herself with the music they are listening, it unharnesses a variety of various sensations, including the sense of release and solace. However, music additionally includes a range of prestigious alternative factors and may even influence the genetic order among each people. This happens through the way an individual relates itself to music and through the thinking process of an individual.

Music is motivating; it is fun. Also, it is relaxing, and it is energizing too. It has an incredible impact on our bodies and minds. Hence, it is fair to say that as music also acts as Food for the Soul.

“Music introduces soul to the universe, brings wings to mind, gives flight to the imagination, as well as, life to everything.” – Plato

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